Ireland is a country, which has got a laudable tradition as far as education is concerned. Some of the information and facts about the Irish education system is really impressive. About 81% of the Irish students complete their second level of education while 50% of them go on to complete their higher education.
Under the Irish constitution, education is seen as a fundamental right. Ireland's warm, hospitable population will welcome you with its colorful history, culture and some of the most arresting landscapes. The students are given responsibility by the colleges and universities in Ireland. One can forget getting weekly assignments and exams. Instead, learning is through lectures and tutorials and labs. But a student needs to work very hard on their reading and research if they are to complete their education in Ireland.
Ireland is also the preferred destination of many international students when it comes to studying technology, mainly because of the reasons mentioned here.
Ireland has got about 25% of Europe's total computers
Ireland is the biggest exporter of computer software worldwide
Some of the biggest multi national companies like IBM, Motorola, Dell and Google have their European headquarters situated in Ireland
Ireland is not only the technology hub of Europe; it has also got magnificent history and culture as well.
Slowly but surely Ireland is becoming the preferred destination to study abroad. Students from all over the world including India are choosing to pursue their higher studies in Ireland.